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The Cybersecurity Summit

Cyberdome summit takes place virtually as part of a unique initiative to reconnect the cybersecurity industry through a global community dedicated to safeguarding IT infrastructure.
Expect to be both challenged and inspired, as we uncover new techniques and defence mechanisms from some of the worlds leading cybersecurity experts and having a chance to take part in interactive pannel debates, bench mark your approach to cyber security against peers. Take part in group discussions to target specific cybersecurity pain points and benefit from in-depth case studies relevant to the current situations.

Cyberdome cyber summit 2021 takes place virtually on the theme 2R real-time and real attack. It’s a unique event to keep the cybersecurity community connected across the globe. As an international standard
event this unique platform allows sponsors speakers and attendees to engage and connect with peers through a wide range of interactive content and networking formats much like a physical event.
We are living in unprecedented times where work flows and devices must learn to blend seamlessly together in digitally transforming world. During this process cyber threats have emerged as the worst- affected domain, needing carefull processes and protocols to protect the networks from vulnerabilities.
Cyberdome summit 2021 offers dedicated sessions, as well as topics addressing the common issues that bind IT security professionals globally. The theme is curated by the cyber experts of Kerala police cyber dome.
Expect to feel inspired, educated, and energized with the new ideas to take away and try in your organization as part of this innovative virtual conference.