Vipin George


About The Speaker

Vipin George

Vipin George, a Cyber Forensicator, worked at Kerala Police Academy as a Cyber Forensic Consultant, after a brief stint as a Lecturer of Cyber Forensics & InfoSec at MG University. He has more than a decade’s experience in Systems Engineering and Computer networks and holds M.Tech in Cyber Forensics and InfoSec. He was a Team Leader of Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) Network Intrusion Detection System project at Smart India Hackathon Finals 2017. He is into HF and FM radio DXing and has won prizes from international broadcasters. His Indian Ham radio call sign is VU3YVG and FCC issued US amateur radio call sign is KC9VED. He actively volunteers his time as a Core team member of Mozilla Kerala community. He has good experience in dealing with training and practice of Law Enforcement units, Judicial and Police officers on Digital Forensics, Cybercrime analysis, Information Security, Malware Forensic procedures. His areas of interest include Network Security, Low level data recovery, IoT, Software Defined Radio, Amateur Radio etc.

Workshop on Cyber Forensics

This a newbie friendly hands-on workshop on how to conduct a digital forensics investigation.

Learn how to do a forensically sound disk acquisition and analysis using Open-Source tools.

Important Concepts and Fundamental principles in Forensics and how to apply then in practice which includes details about Digital Forensic toolkit, Storage/Disk Forensics, Phases of Digital Forensics, Ensuring Forensic soundness, Write-blockers, Types of Hard disks, Acquiring Disk Image, Validating the Image, Examining and Analysing Disk Images Generating report


Intended audience: Anyone with an interest in digital forensics, network engineers or system administrators looking to improve their security knowledge, and people involved with cyber security work. Any network/security professional who is concerned about being breached by a cyber threat.